Facilities available including Games and Sports Facilitis

Facilities for indoor games Table Tennis

Facilities for outdoor games Cricket, Volley ball. Kho Kho and Kabbadi

Infra structure facilities actually needed and operational difficulties experienced

Sl no Facilities needed Operational difficulties
1 Laboratories Since the Vidyalaya building was sanctioned for up to Class X, laboratories as per the KVS norms are not there. However. Other rooms are used for the purpose.


2 Vidyalaya Campus Almost 10 Acres land is underutilized due to uneven and undulated nature water courses cutting across the campus.
3 Sports and Games Since the grounds is not completely leveled by the construction agency, facilities are not there for major games such as Football and athletic events
4 Cycle stand Estimates submitted and administrative approval awaited.
5 Children’s park Estimate from CPWD awaited
6 Assembly Ground Estimate submitted and Administrative approval awaited
7 Basket ball court First installment remitted with CPWD but the work not yet started.
8 Staff Quarters and KVS Residence Colony First and Second phase quarters construction civil work almost completed and electrical work not started.