A Lord Vishnu temple with scenic beauty situated at Harishankar, 40 Km from Bolangir


A Lord Shiva Temple situated in the hill top with scenic beauty an water falls situated at 60 Kms from Bolangir


Situated at 60 Kms away from Bolangir, Sonepur is a place of temples.

Subarnameru Temple is situated in Sonepur town in Subarnapur district of Odisha. It is a shrine for the worshipping of Shiva. Popular story of Gold coin Rain is associated with this Place, with this Temple when an ardent devotee asked lord for help,so the name is Sonepur or Subarnapur.
The Place attracts thousands of visitors and Pilgrimages for its scenic beauty as this temple is situated just on the Bank of Tel River. Major festivals are Shivaratri and Kartik Purnima.